Yorkshire spa launches 'Clean Air Act'

A Yorkshire spa has launched a ‘Clean Air Act' in response to the rising pollution levels across the UK.

Titanic Spa, which serves as the country's first eco-spa, implemented the act in response to recent research, which revealed that pollution causes up to 36,000 early deaths a year nationwide.

Located in Huddersfield, one of the UK's cleanest air areas, the spa aims to provide an unpolluted breathing space both inside and outside of its facilities. The cocktail bar's Living Wall is complete with a variety of plants, which use the natural process of ‘phytoremediation' to remove pollutants and clarify the air via the pores on the leaves. Plus, both pools are entirely chemical-free and salt regulated, helping guests to breathe more easily. 

Having been committed to clarifying air within its surrounding areas since 2005, the spa is also complete with free electric car charging ports on-site, allowing guests to go that extra mile when it comes to sustainability.