West Ham appoints skin care consultant

A dedicated skin consultant has been assigned to the West Ham United women's team in what is believed to be a first in the beauty and sports industries.

Founder of Clinic 1.6 and Zo Skin Health specialist, Dr Raul Cetto, has been appointed to offer insight and expertise to the team regarding caring for their skin whilst working in a high-octane job, often exposed to the elements during outdoor training sessions and matches.

ZO Skin Health believes that while practicing sports and spending time outside provides an abundance of health benefits, regular exposure to weather extremes, UV damage and pollution can have damaging effects on the skin, including discolouration, dryness, sensitivity, redness and accelerated ageing.

The brand says that this increased risk faced by players inspired it to take a proactive approach in ensuring their skin health can be maintained on and off the pitch. The appointment of Dr Cetto comes following a successful partnership between both parties which began in April, when the skin care brand was announced as the official team sponsor.