UK's first self-heating stone massage launches

As the latest development from the industry experts, Molten Lava Stones enable you to offer a warm and seamless massage experience relieving deep set tensions and soothing aches and pains – all without the use of electricity.

Crafted from a blend of black lava rock, real seashells and porcelain, the perfectly moulded black lava stones heat through in just 8-10 minutes to create a gentle warmth which emits heat for up to 60 minutes, allowing for more hands-on time with the client, without the need for external equipment, electricity or batteries.

Launching the Molten Lava Stones, Shared Beauty Secrets founder, Clare Anderson told BeautyServe: 

“When we discovered our Lava Shells' baby sister, Molten Lava Stones, we just knew we had to launch them into the UK. As the world's first self-heating massage tool, Lava Shells really did revolutionise the operation of heated treatments for Spas and salons nationwide and we're now incredibly excited to be introducing the world's first self-heating stones.”