UK cities revealed as big beauty spenders

A recent survey has revealed that over 70% of people are beauty conscious, with 45% of us unwilling to post a picture of ourselves on social media if we haven't had a chance to put an effort into our appearance first. 

The new research, carried out by TotallyMoney, examined beauty spending habits across the UK, concluding that Brits spend an annual total of £4,454 per person on their looks . 

Leeds had a higher than average number of respondents taking pride in their appearance, with 79% saying that they considered their looks important and £7,000 being spent per capita each year. Residents in the Northern city also have the highest spend on dermatologists per capita, shelling out £587 per annum for clear skin, as well as being the biggest spenders on teeth whitening services. 

Elsewhere, Coventry residents have the highest costs for getting their hair cut at £750 per person per year, while Belfast, with an overall spend of £5,900 a year, and Manchester, with an annual cost of £5,600, both spent the majority of their outgoings on facial products. 

At the other end of the spectrum, Aberdeen has the least overall spend, paying out £2,710 per person per year, and also has the lowest hair budget in the country (£338).