Behind the scenes at London Fashion Week

“Back in September I was lucky enough to be asked to assist at London Fashion Week and in a nutshell it was quite simply AMAZING!

“If I'm honest I've always considered nails to be my weakest area, they aren't at all, but I guess I have always lacked a little confidence when it comes to nails. With this in my mind I was delighted when I was selected for the Nails Mastered programme earlier in the year. It was the first of its kind and a programme that selected just 200 of the top nail technicians in the world to be mentored by the amazing Marian Newman, a lady who's career I have followed throughout my 20-plus years in the industry. Watching her has always made me long to be able to do session and editorial work so to have been selected to do the programme was a such an honour and a real boost - maybe my nails were good enough.

“The programme finished in August, and in September I was asked by Lyndsay Mcintosh (another nail technician I have long admired and followed) to assist her at the Edeline Lee show at London Fashion Week - I was literally like a bottle of fizzy pop that could have exploded at any moment with the excitement! Me? Little old me, from Chipping Sodbury? At London Fashion Week? Was this actually real?! Of course my answer was yes!


“So on the 17th September off I went to the Big Smoke - complete with all of my kit 'just in case' and literally full to the brim of excitement and nerves which I called ‘nervitment'! For those of you who didn't already know, London Fashion Week happens all across London and not just in one place. The venue that we were in was the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms, near theatre land, it was an interesting building with extremely steep stairs and a first floor that didn't quite meet the walls so there was a gap either side, not great if you were afraid of heights as I am as you could see straight down to the ground!

“The first thing I noticed when I arrived was that there was a real buzz; a hive of activity and such a great atmosphere, I felt like a sponge, I just wanted to absorb it all and not forget a thing. As it was my first show I was a little apprehensive but everyone was very nice and welcoming. There was something going on, and someone, everywhere you looked - hair, make-up, nails, the models, Edeline herself, assistants, film crews just loads of things going on.

“Each discipline had a sponsor who provided the product to be used, they were all very well-known and respected brands. Our sponsor was Only Fingers and Toes, a brand of polish which I had never used before but it was lovely, beautiful to apply and with a lovely finish, it looked perfect.

Classic and stylish

“Lyndsay briefed us on the look required before the models arrived and how many models there would be etc. The nails needed to be very natural, a super healthy looking nail, simple, classic and stylish. Time was limited and we were to do fingers and toes so a simple file, polish and cuticle oil was all that was required - unless there were some really bad cuticles that needed tending to. It was often very much a case of all hands on deck with hair, make up and nails often all happening at the same time on the same model. As you can see from the picture below that one of my colleagues Laura took. Because some of the models were coming from other shows we were waiting for some of them and time was slipping away so it was quite close to the wire - as you can see from the picture, again courtesy of Laura. But all was well that ended well and besides a slight catering mishap of us eating food that wasn't meant for us (oops) everything went very well.

“Someone told me before I did it that you either love or loathe doing fashion shows, for those who think it is glamorous I can honestly say it is not, I spent most of my time crawling around on the floor trying not to be trod on or fall down the gap but I can safely say I loved it and I hope this is just the start of many more!”

*Images courtesy of Lyndsay Mcintosh.