Survey reveals Brits spend thousands on appearance each year

A national survey has revealed that British people who invest in their appearance typically spend up to £5,848 every year, with men outspending women by as much as £600.

The survey, conducted by Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, found that while British women who regularly purchased items such as makeup and hair grooming products typically spent up to £5,771 every year, their male counterparts spent up to £6,423. Men who enjoyed regular massages and facials (13 percent of all men) also outspent women in this area, shelling out up to £626 every year, whereas women who budgeted for this (21 percent of all women) spent up to £557.

Commenting on the results, Michael Saul, partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, says: “While fewer men than women splurge on higher-value items such as massages as part of their yearly outgoings, when they do they are more likely to spend a lot more on these items than their female counterparts."

“When these costs are added to the higher amount that male gym-goers are happy to spend on exercising, this explains why men are paying out more overall than women every year on their appearance.”