Stylish Brits could be carrying around make-up worth more than £300

Is your make-up bag worth more than your outfit?

Consumer experts from online retailer have revealed the high value of items usually stored in a typical UK make-up bag.

Stylish Brits could be carrying around make-up worth more than their entire outfit combined– at least £300 – according to the beauty researchers.

The data showed that a typical collection of brushes is said to be valued at over £50 alone, with eyeshadow and foundation also among the more expensive items.

Other products adding to the high value include moisturiser, mascara, lipgloss, lipstick concealer, foundation and highlighter palettes, along with a primer, pressed and finishing powders and a setting spray.

The value is said to have risen significantly in recent years to coincide with the growing trend for make-up tutorial videos on major social media sites.

A spokesperson from said: “For many stylish Brits, even designer clothes won't be the most expensive fashion item they carry around on a daily basis. Perhaps even without realising it, beauty buffs could spend more on their make-up bag contents than on their entire outfit.

They add: “A typical collection of bushes is over £50, a moisturiser and a mascara are more than another £10 each, a lip gloss and a lip stick is another £5 piece – the list really is incredible when you think about it.

“The precise figure – £305.48 – doesn't even take in to account the cost of the make-up bag itself or pricey duplicates. A Brit with a premium bag and multiple lipsticks or palettes, for example, could easily see that number double.”