St. Tropez launches motivational campaign

A new survey conducted by St. Tropez has revealed that one in three women across the UK are being shamed for fake tanning.

44% of women admit to judging their fellow females for wearing a sunless tan and over half a million women in the UK have experienced negative comments online, specifically for wearing fake tan, with 60% of these stating that their confidence was seriously knocked as a result.

The survey also revealed that 42% of UK women who proudly wear fake tan cite their two main reasons for doing so as “looking well” and “feeling confident”. In addition, having a post-holiday tan also features in the top three confidence boosters.

These new insights have led St. Tropez to address the stigmas surrounding self-tanning head-on with a motivational campaign entitled You Set the Tone, which aims to highlight that tanning is more about how you feel than how you look.

Launched this April, the campaign has the support of numerous St. Tropez brand fans, including philanthropist and charity founder, Katie Piper, who comments: “I'm backing St. Tropez's You Set the Tone campaign, as it's vitally important for women to feel confident in their own skin and with their own bodies, and if a beauty product or regime can help them achieve this, it can only be positive.”