Spa towelling supplier goes green

From 1st January 2019, BC Softwear will be removing the individual plastic wrapping from every pair of spa and hotel slippers that they sell. 

The company revealed that this equates to 34 tonnes of plastic, which they are planning to save from landfill in 2019. Each pair of the brand's slippers will be simply packed one inside the other, end to end, with only one large bag required to protect the product in transit.

BC Softwear has also removed the individual plastic wrappers from the towels they supply, which will save an additional 16 tonnes, making a total of 50 tonnes of plastic that is no longer required.  

In the coming months, the company are working on additional ways to change their packaging to help reduce the use of plastic, including a new initiative to customers who purchase their flip flops. The ‘Flip Don't Flop' campaign will see the company collaborating with a charitable organisation to collect and reuse flip flops, thus reducing landfill in the UK.