Sienna X offer waxing courses

Sienna X have a range of waxing courses to meet a variety of needs, from beginners to more experienced therapists looking to switch brands or broaden their services.

The Sienna X Beginner's Complete Waxing Course is designed for either a complete waxing novice or for wax therapists who would like to build their confidence. The training covers such topics as the science behind waxing, as well as warm and hot wax applications. 

For the more experienced waxer or for an experienced wax therapist who would like to learn how to/be more confident in intimate waxing, the Sienna X Wax Course will teach you easy to remember routines, from basic bikini to Hollywood. Plus, you'll also learn how to conduct the best consultation, encourage repeatable client bookings and focus on health and safety and hygiene techniques. 

For more information, contact Sienna X on 0333 600 1200 or visit