Scottish market welcomes new skin care lines

Industry distributor Sheer Skin has launched the Dr Baumann, Skinident and Beauclaire skin care ranges to the Scottish market.

The company was granted the distribution rights to the Skinident AG brands last year. Formulated exclusively with natural substances and vitamins, the products are based around the principles of bionome skin care.

This approach focuses on such factors as ensuring optimal compatibility and attaining harmony between ingredients and the skin's physiology and anatomy. This is achieved when as many as possible of the ingredients are endemic to the skin, e.g. which exist naturally in the skin. In addition, products are environmentally-friendly via the avoidance of superfluous packaging, as well as being animal-friendly through the exclusion of animal substances.

“It is with great excitement that Sheer Skin announces the launch of Dr Baumann to our Scottish customers,” says Claire Freckleton, marketing director with Sheer Skin. “Our market research indicates that the clinics, salons and end consumers alike are crying out for skin care that is groundbreaking in its results, as well as its ingredients and the company behind it.

“All at Sheer Skin are greatly looking forward to sharing the incredible lines of Dr Baumann, Skinident and Beauclaire products with our customers.”