RefectoCil opens its first brow and lash bar

has recently opened its first Lash & Brow Bar in Vienna, Austria. 

GW Cosmetics CEO, Rainer Deisenhammer, and Ultimativ Group's Andreas and Patrick Raitz wanted to establish a completely new beauty concept in Austria. For many years, the industry professionals have had a successful partnership with RefectoCil, and the joint challenge to launch ‘Austria's First Brow + Lash Bar by RefectoCil' was the next logical step. 

The new location boasts a stylish black, pink, pistachio and rosé floral décor. Make-up and brow artist, Alma Milcic, is the face of the campaign, and has lent her expertise to the treatments offered in the store, which all advocate the beauty of the natural brow look. 

RefectoCil products are distributed exclusively in the UK by Salon System.