No business like ‘glow’ business

Sales of prestige make-up products which produce a glow or illuminating effect on the skin have reported a 7% increase in value sales, according to the latest data from the NPD Group.

The figures reflect sales in the UK from January 2019 to the end of June 2019 and show that these ‘glow' products were valued at £2.2million across this period, providing a welcome boost to the make-up market. Overall make-up sales have declined 7% from January to June compared to the same period in 2018.

The rise in popularity of glowing make-up, including highlighters, primers, illuminating palettes and powders, is evident in the social media hashtag #glowingskin, used more than 3.5million times on Instagram. Meanwhile, the hashtag #glowingmakeup was used 293,000 times on the photo and video sharing platform, where fans share insider tips and tricks on how to achieve radiant, glowing make-up looks.

Commenting on the findings, June Jensen, director of NPD UK Beauty, says: “The growth of glow make-up demonstrates that today's savvy consumer is looking for products that enhance the skin while producing a more radiant, natural look. In a challenging retail environment, it's important that brands understand the appeal of these product lines and adapt their marketing campaigns and retail experience to meet the needs of today's demanding customer.”