BLOG: How important is CPD?

Whether you're a newly qualified therapist or an established salon owner with a wealth of experience, keeping in the loop with the latest industry updates has never been more important.

With the market constantly growing to accommodate the large volume of qualified therapists opening up salons or business operations of their own, going above and beyond is no longer simply a case of offering a high standard of customer service to your clients.

As with any area of employment, a thirst for knowledge and the determination to expand your skillset will get you far, and an investment in CPD (Continuing Professional Development) will certainly enable you to unleash that potential. With the ability to perform more advanced services, take on new responsibilities, adapt to different situations and stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, services and products, there really is no end to the benefits that training courses can provide.

Broadening your horizons

“CPD is defined as ‘activities undertaken to develop technical skills and expertise to ensure that current, professional experience within the industry is maintained',” explains Marie-Louise Coster, salon owner and beauty trainer. “It can come in many forms, with education and training as the largest and most obvious ways to develop. However, keeping up with industry news via social media, forums and trade magazines, attending trade shows and watching demonstrations are also valuable ways of expanding and developing knowledge and understanding.”

The breakneck speed at which the beauty industry is moving in means that there has never been a greater need for beauty professionals to stay on top of their game in terms of their skillset and professional knowledge. Alongside keeping in tune with industry developments, expanding your salon's treatment menu should be a top priority amongst owners looking to keep their businesses competitive and viable. “Learning new skills and enriching your knowledge is important, as it show versatility and allows a therapist to offer a variety of services to their clients,” says Samantha Kendrew, Training and Development Manager at Gerrard International. “The more versatility you have, the more desirable your business will become, so thorough and ongoing training is vital.”

“The more versatility you have, the more desirable your business will become, so thorough and ongoing training is vital.”
Samantha Kendrew, Gerrard International

While therapists fresh out of college might fall into the trap of thinking that they are well-equipped for every situation within the salon, some individuals in management positions may believe that they have learnt everything that there possibly is to know, often running the risk of becoming complacent. However, the beauty of CPD is that, as well as allowing you to learn new skills, you can also enhance existing ones and perfect them to the best of your ability. “No matter how extensive your past experience, you can never stop learning,” Samantha adds. “Think of training as an investment, as a professionally-delivered treatment that will keep clients coming back again and again.”

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