Habia approves National Occupational Standards for Aesthetic Treatments

Habia/SkillsActive has been working with industry experts and regulators nationwide to develop a suite of National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Aesthetic Treatments, which have now been approved. 

Initial research began in February 2018, with expert groups of industry professionals uniting to review the standards for electrocautery, radio frequency, laser and light, superficial skin peeling, microneedling, micropigmentation and advanced micropigmentation. The wide range of experts developed the standards to ensure that they meet the needs of employers, educators and learners.

A nationwide consultation was then initiated to hear views on the NOS development from those currently working in the industry. All feedback received was discussed, analysed and incorporated into the final versions.

Diane Hey, chair of the NOS review, said: “I wish to extend a huge debt of gratitude for the amount of voluntary contribution that industry specialists and regulators have come together to provide, ensuring that the suite is compliant with regulations for non-surgical aesthetic procedures. There is a widespread desire to confirm the standards of practice expected in these modalities to promote public safety and a pathway for aesthetic practitioners, and this suite provides the agreed standards of all relevant parties.”

This work also supports the memorandum of understanding in place between Habia and the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP), who consolidate the recognition of the agreed practice standards from which qualifications can be developed.

The final NOS suite is available for download at www.ukstandards.org.uk.