Get to know the Scotland's Best Barber 2017 finalists

Ahead of this month's Scotland's Best Barber live final, at Scottish Hair and Beauty on April 23rd, the Great British Barbering Academy has brought together its six finalists for a quick chat.
Each finalist was given a maximum of 200 words to tell the barbering world a little more about themselves and why they should be crowned as Scotland's best.

Here's just a snippet of what they had to say…

Vincent Quinn“It means a great deal to make it to through to the Scotland's Best Barber 2017 live final. These competitions and events are an amazing platform for barbers to express their work and I can't wait to showcase my hybrid, spicy cutting style on the Great British Barbering Academy stage alongside my fellow barbers.”

Alisha Storrie -  “I am very humbled to make it to the Scotland's Best Barber 2017 live final, it will be a privilege just to take part. However, I will be aiming for first place as I not only want to be a great female barber, I also want to be Scotland's Best Barber.”

Dianne Philbin“This is my passion and to be in the final with one of my idols (Vincent from Hard Grind) is mind-blowing. This is just the start for me, I'm a small fish in this industry but I have plans and goals to open my own barbershop and enter more competitions. Reaching the live final of Scotland's Best Barber 2017 is the first tick in the box. This is my first competition and it's given me a great confidence boost already.”

Scott Reynolds“I'm absolutely thrilled to have made it through to the live final of Scotland's Best Barber 2017. I can't wait to show the expert panel of judges why I deserve to be here when I get up on the stage with the other finalists.”

Crihan Corneliu“I'm really excited to be involved in the live final of Scotland's Best Barber 2017. I'm confident that 2017 is my year and it will be a pleasure to cut hair alongside the other finalists. I wish them all good luck!”

Ethan Stubbs (pictured) – “I believe that Scotland's Best Barber is a great opportunity for barbers to get their work recognised and appreciated. To be in the final at this early point in my career is overwhelming. I am proud of all my customers for showing their belief and loyalty to get me through to the final. I am now excited to get on stage and demonstrate why I deserve my place alongside some fantastic barbers.”

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