Gen Z's beauty shopping habits unmasked

The latest research into the shopping habits of Generation Z has been unveiled, revealing the extent to which emerging trends and technologies are impacting today's young consumers.

Commissioned by health, beauty and lifestyle brand experts The Pull Agency, the survey of 1200 UK consumers revealed how different age groups research and buy products.

Gen Z emerged as the generation most likely to consider ingredients and sustainability when purchasing beauty products, with 51% claiming that cruelty-free credentials were an important factor – higher than any other age group. The use of natural ingredients (58%) and recycled packaging (42%) were also high priorities.

Meanwhile, technological advances and social media have also impacted buying habits, with more than half of Gen Z consumers (52%) revealing that they mainly discover new looks and trends on Instagram, significantly more than any other demographic. YouTube is their second largest source of influence, followed by friends and family members. Eight out of ten (83%, higher than any other demographic) are influenced by product ratings and reviews. They're also the most likely (33%) to be swayed by health and beauty influencers – but only one in seven (14%) would be influenced by celebrities.

Claire Rance, head of brand strategy at The Pull Agency, comments, “It's no surprise that the beauty industry is keen to attract Generation Z shoppers as they were set to be the largest age group in the global population in 2019. However, that means understanding that they have a unique take on the products they buy and the reasons behind their decisions. Technology is a key element and many younger consumers tend to be open to trying new solutions.

“The importance of Instagram also can't be overstated when it comes to younger consumers, and neither can the value of demonstrating a natural, sustainable and responsible approach to product development. With shoppers now starting their beauty purchases at age 12 or even younger, the opportunity is considerable for brands that get it right.”