Exciting new rebrand for IBD

IBD Nails has introduced an exciting new rebrand as part of its latest marketing campaign.

Bold, unorthodox and breaking the boundaries of what is expected, the #GetNailed campaign is centered on a ‘boss' new look for the brand, including a selection of imagery that will be featured within marketing materials and across the website of its UK distributor, Grafton International. 

This follows on from the delivery of a padlocked box and key to the Guild Press office, which contained a mock-up of a Guild News cover featuring one of the brand's edgy, fashion-forward images, as well as nine long-wear lacquers and IBD JustGel polishes in various autumnal hues. 

The parcel also contained IBD's latest release, Control Gel, a pro-hybrid gel which combines the qualities of hard gels and L&P acrylics in an LED/UV formula. Designed for overlays and extensions, the gel ensures a faster application that stays in place, moves when required and has slight self-levelling properties.

For more information about the rebrand, visit www.ibdnails.co.uk