Dr Mayoni appointed Cooltech’s Key Opinion Leader

Cocoon Medical has named London-based general surgeon Dr Mayoni as Key Opinion Leader for its Cooltech line.

Dr Mayoni, who has more than 18 years of medical and surgical experience in the aesthetics profession, will work alongside Cooltech in its commitment to providing the ideal option for those looking for a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

“[Dr Mayoni] puts patient safety and efficacy at the forefront of every procedure. Her years of medical experience in surgical and nonsurgical procedures have won her many awards and she leads many medical discussions based on her knowledge and results,” says the brand.

Cooltech can deliver cryolipolysis to two areas in one appointment, freezing and removing fat cells with minimal downtime and no scarring. The device is medical CE marked, meaning it has undergone stringent testing and checks to ensure safety and efficacy.

“We at The Clinic have had a phenomenal success with the machine and return visits from happy patients wanting more areas treated. The device will revolutionise the way patients perceive body sculpting and the way our industry delivers cryolipolysis,” Dr Mayoni says.