Conscious consumerism boosts organic and natural beauty market

Sales of natural and organic beauty products totalled £86.5m in 2018.

The market for certified organic and natural beauty products has reached an all-time high, experiencing a 14% growth in sales in 2018.
According to new reports by Soil Association Certification, sales of these sustainable products totalled £86.5m last year. This was supported by the number of Soil Association COSMOS certified products reaching over 10,000 across 794 brands, pushing the sector into its eighth consecutive year of growth.

Moreover, the increase in these certified products can be placed down to the desire of shoppers to seek out products with a greater guarantee of sustainability, holistic wellness and ethical assurances. Certification is providing trust for these conscious consumers, with 65% of shoppers now expecting brands to share their ingredient sourcing within packaging.

The report looked at a number of factors driving the rapid market growth, demonstrating that ethical and environmental awareness are now part of a much bigger meta-trend. This includes the demand for vegan and pollution-free products, as well as how millennials are pushing for more sustainable change within the industry. 

“Consumer demand is driving change, and more brands than ever are securing the Soil Association COSMOS logo on a product,” reveals Georgia Barnes, business development manager for beauty and wellbeing at Soil Association Certification. “The certified organic and natural beauty sector is accordingly at an all-time high, with conscious consumers seeking sustainable products that promote a holistic sense of wellbeing and allow them to uphold their ethical and environmental values.”