CND Shellac Luxe

CND have unveiled their latest innovation, CND Shellac Luxe.
Created to cater to nail pros and consumers' ever-evolving needs, this new system boasts a two-step application and a 60-second removal time.

The technology-driven, professional product has been developed for clients with strong, healthy nails looking for a luxurious yet time-saving service, whilst enjoying the same high-gloss finish and 14 day+ wear of CND Shellac.

Firstly, techs apply the self-adhering, all-in-one Base and Colour Coat, following by the second step; an application of a high gloss Top Coat, providing luminous shine and a protective shield. The unique micro pores within Shellac Luxe also allow remover to penetrate polish quickly, allowing for wrap-to-removal in just 60 seconds.

The patented formula is available in 65 shades; 50 matching existing Shellac colours with 15 new and exclusive Shellac Luxe hues.

“At CND, we are always pushing to improve the speed and quality of our services,” comments CND™ Co-Founder and Style Director, Jan Arnold. “New CND Shellac Luxe is a step-change for the industry. It's a premium service that taps into the things we know our nail professionals and their clients are looking for faster appointments and kinder treatments.”

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