Boost business revenue with your online presence

It is now common practice for most salons to host their own website to showcase the treatments, services and brands that they have on offer. But, do you know how to make the most out of your online portal? We look into how your website can be used to increase revenue for your business. 

Where do I start? 

Perhaps the easiest and most effective method of making money from your website is with the addition of an online booking service. 

Whilst booking online may not mean an income directly from your website, it may encourage more new or irregular clients to book, therefore increasing your salon revenue overall. Alternatively, an online booking system could also be used to take deposits from your clients to guarantee their appointment, reducing the number of no-shows or encouraging more clients to follow-through with their scheduled appointment.

There are a number of salon software programmes that can be easily integrated with your current website to take bookings. Often, these programmes can also help with marketing campaigns via email and SMS, customer retention campaigns and hold client information such as health notes, visit history and previous payments.

Consider how your website can also be used to cross-promote all of your treatments and services, someone who may have come onto your site to learn about facials, may also be encouraged to take-up an offer on a manicure or full-body massage.

Pushing your Products

Your website is the ideal place to offer discounts and packages for existing clients. By creating monthly, 3 monthly, bi-annually or annual packages, your clients could pay by direct debit for treatments, guaranteeing you more regular business and a direct income from your website.

Similarly, the addition of gift vouchers to your website could be an easy e-commerce solution. Many website services offer a shop function that can be added to your existing platform. For safety and ease, PayPal is often recommended as the best online payment method. 

If you host events at your salon, you could also embed a service such as Eventbrite into your website in order to get increased exposure and to secure bookings.

Selling Salon Retail Stock

An additional way to increase your salon's revenue online could be through selling your retail stock online. The main thing to note when considering this route is that you will need to speak to each individual brand you work with to find out their policies on the online selling of their products. Many professional brands will not want their products available openly, and therefore may restrict you to selling in-salon only.

E-commerce platforms such as Shopify can help make your online store creation easy, you can customise the look and feel of your online product catalogue, clearly manage all orders and add new products easily. Plus, the software can help you to take payments, and also offers a Facebook shop service, where you can sell products via your Facebook page rather than through your website.

If you are considering selling online, remember to consider where you will store stock, how you will manage your time, as well as postage and packing costs and options.

Here's what the experts had to say…

Laura Steventon, Nimue Country Manager:

“Your website should be a natural extension of your reception. You can cross-promote services more easily than your therapist or receptionist may at the time of business, again adding more revenue into your business.” 

“Salons not offering an online booking system as a start of commercialising their websites are losing out. Buying should be easy for your clients, and this is the simplest way to start.”

Anna Pickford, Head of Marketing at High Definition:

“[Our virtual stocking system] allows industry professionals to recommend, and receive commission on the full range of High Definition make-up. After recommending products to the client, the client can then buy their choice of make-up online by entering the Stylist's unique code. The purchase is then sent directly to their client and the Stylist receives 21 per cent commission on every make-up sale.” 

Andrew Pearl, director of strategy and insights EMEA, Profitero:

“Findability is a key component of any successful ecommerce strategy,”

“When it comes to beauty products, you'd think shoppers would prefer to try before they buy, but that's no longer necessarily so. Online engagement with the beauty sector is growing rapidly.”

There are a number of ways that you can be using your current website to increase revenue, whether you're looking to offer retail solutions or to simply add new features and attractions in order to draw in clients, there are methods for you.