Bio-Therapeutic's Face of the Future winner receives prizes

Bio-Therapeutic's Face of the Future World Champion 2018, Rebecca Mcilgorm, recently made her way stateside to receive her prizes from company president, David Suzuki.

Alongside the prestigious world champion award, Rebecca won an all-expenses paid journey to visit Bio-Therapeutic's Seattle-based corporate headquarters. 

During her visit, Rebecca, of Zest Hair and Beauty in Cumbria, spent two full days with the BT team in extensive education courses focusing on all their technology, specifically the bt-nano and the Bio-Hydroderm Trinity wet/dry microdermabrasion system. To complete the experience, the company also awarded Rebecca her own Bio-Hydroderm Trinity.

The Face of the Future World Champion competition runs once every three years worldwide, and was created to select the best of the best ‘before' and ‘after' pictures that demonstrated the results that can be achieved using Bio-Therapeutic's devices.