BLOG: Learn new skills with Dermalogica

Since its establishment over 30 years ago, Dermalogica has remained committed to providing the very best in training for skin care professionals.

Recognising education as integral to elevating industry standards, the skin care brand has left no stone unturned in its quest to harbour an environment which encourages respect and success for therapists of all abilities.

Founded in 1983 by skin care professional, Jane Wurwand, The International Dermal Institute (IDI) was born out of the distinct lack of further skin and body therapy education within the United States. Now considered as one of the industry's leading postgraduate professional beauty training organisations, the brand's success is testament to its regard for education as a core value – one which is integral to improving every other aspect of the business. 

With eight training centres strategically placed in locations across the UK and Ireland, Dermalogica's courses produce over 21,000 qualified skin therapists each year, and the brand prides itself on providing curriculums that teach students to become the best versions of their professional selves. 

“Here at Dermalogica, we are passionate advocates of vocational trade skills, and believe that education can help therapists to achieve their full potential,” says Sally Penford, director of education. “First and foremost, we are a training company that develops a product line, and this means that research and education come first in everything that we do.

“For 35 years, we have refined professional excellence in the skin care industry. We teach ‘skin health' to skin therapists, offering the most challenging and rewarding postgraduate skin therapy curriculum in the world. We are also firm believers in setting exceptional professional practice standards, and stand proud in this regard.” 

Train to gain

Offering a vast array of courses to suit all abilities, Dermalogica regularly update their curriculum content to remain industry relevant in an ever changing, increasingly competitive market. The brand's Expert Programme forms the basis of their training network, with a clear pathway that allows therapists at three different skill levels to progress from one tier to the next. This dedicated rewards programme recognises therapists in their commitment to ongoing training and professional excellence, and is open to all skin professionals working for a Dermalogica account free of charge. 

“Here at Dermalogica, we are passionate advocates of vocational trade skills, and believe that education can help therapists to achieve their full potential."

The three tiers – Dermalogica Certified (beginner), Specialist (intermediate) and Expert (advanced) – require participants to complete a series of classes in order to progress to the level above, allowing them to perfect their proficiency in all things Dermalogica in terms of ingredients, treatments and products, whilst also broadening their business acumen with tips on merchandising, retailing and events planning. “The core curriculum of our Expert Programme includes product training, skin physiology, treatment strategies and services,” notes Sally. “We bring topical subjects into each calendar cycle to broaden knowledge and keep skin therapists abreast of industry changes.” 

For therapists looking to progress in a short space of time, the brand offer their Expert Pathway programme, which has proven to be the most popular course on offer. Therapists can progress through all three tiers to achieve Expert status in two weeks, attending several days' worth of workshops for each level that combine the theoretical and practical skills required for therapists to qualify. 

Skin therapists who are challenged for time or live too far away from one of Dermalogica's Training Centres need not worry either, as the brand have recently introduced their D-Streaming technology, which provides live online training in many of their workshops that allows therapists to learn whenever and wherever. 

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