Average British teenager's make-up collection is worth more than £400

British teenagers have a make-up bag worth an average of £425, according to a new study by www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk.
This is more than double the worth of their mother's cosmetic goods, which value at £180, and 37% of British mothers with teenage daughters admit to using products from their make-up bags. 

Mascara, foundation and eyeshadow palettes are the most expensive products purchased by teens, who fork out £440 a year on replenishing these products alone. When broken down, this worked out annually as costing £180 for mascara, £155 for foundation and £105 for eyeshadow palettes.

Meanwhile, the top three products that mothers spend the most on this year were revealed as lipstick (costing £50), foundation (£45) and moisturiser (£40).