Advertising Your Salon

How to Advertise your Salon

Whether you're a start-up salon with a shoestring budget or an already established business, you'll need to take advantage of advertisement opportunities to boost your business, whether it be promoting an event, pushing forward with a re-brand, or in the early days of launching your business.

Before you commit to any form of advertising, you'll need to ensure your brand message is clear: what do you want to achieve from the advertising campaign? If you're a new salon, is it to fill up your diary with appointments? If you're an existing salon, is it to push a new product or treatment? This, alongside knowing your budget, will ensure that the campaign runs smoothly, and most of all: successfully!

How can I advertise with a limited budget?

The most obvious route of advertising in the millennial age is social media. With a growing list of platforms, from Facebook to Instagram to YouTube, there are so many opportunities to reach out to a wider audience. Plus, these are all usually free!

Another free advertising opportunity would be to work with other local businesses in your area in a “like for like” capacity; you'll put their poster in your window if they'll place your business card on their desk and so on. Likewise, you can get involved in charity fayre's, summer fete's and other local markets that will give you a chance to show your business to locals who may not have heard about you before.

What are my options if I want to pay for advertising?

There are paid opportunities offered on social media too, on platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The process typically involves uploading a post as normal, but putting money behind it to help it reach a wider audience, rather than it just appearing in the news feed of your followers.

A digital platform that has really taken off in recent years is blogging – many start-up businesses will take advantage of local influencers by inviting them to try out their service for free in exchange for exposure on their social media channels. This can be really beneficial if you approach local bloggers that have a large audience – you can even use incentives such as referral discount codes to encourage their blog followers to book in at your salon.

Although a lot of people use social media, there will be a great proportion of people that don't and this is where print advertising will really come in handy. You could produce flyers, cards and invites to help spread the word of an offer you have on, an event you may be organising or even an award that you won.

We have put together some of the top tips from the industry experts to help you come up with your own advertising ideas:

Marie-Louise, Beauty Therapist, Trainer and Business Consultant:
• “Instagram is my favourite social media platform but this is because it is so visual. I do a lot of nail work and Instagram is a great platform for this because it is all about pictures, by the same token it is great for make-up artists.”
• “Advertise your business on all directories, local Facebook sales pages and local community websites to keep spreading the word and increasing awareness. These are usually free, so it is just your time that it is taking up. The more of these sites you are on, the higher ranking your website will have on Google.”

Jennifer Linton and Jaye Macdonald, Co-Directors of Linton & Mac:
• “Make sure that each social media post oozes your salon's personality. Your posts shouldn't just be about business and gaining new clients, but instead should showcase you as a brand, as friends, as real people. Eye-catching pictures, staff that are having fun, and customers who are happy and relaxed, give us lots of material for a savvy social media strategy.”
• “Take advantage of hundreds of potential customers on your doorstep by passing out flyers during your salon's downtime. Not only will your staff get to meet prospective new customers, they can suggest some of the latest hair trends that will work for the people they meet on the street!”
• “Email is a great way to engage with our customers and keep them up to date with new offers and incentives. We send a monthly newsletter to our clients which is a running commentary on what is happening in the salon. We have also introduced a blog – The Low Down – that is sent to subscribers, and includes industry news, the latest trends, what is happening in and out the salon, alongside showcasing events and other local businesses and points of interest.”

What's next?

So you've had a successful advertising campaign and you've gained many new clients, but that doesn't mean the advertising stops. You'll need to continue to work to transform those clients into loyal customers, maintaining your relationship and ensuring they book another appointment.